The Boatonian - Boston's SEA Party - Every Thursday

Take The Most Outrageous Boston Party Tour Bus - The Bustonian!!!


Choose the Ultimate Boston Party Tour Bus for your next Big Night Out, Boston Bachelorette Party or Boston Bachelor Party!

Sure Duck Tours and the Freedom Trail are cool...when you're five.

 If you want a completely new way to see and travel around the best city in New England call the Bustonian, Boston’s original and only party bus at 866-GO-BUS-GO.

Grab 32 of your closest friends and let’s go.

So what’s so cool about the Bustonian?

 Well, how about a slamming state-of-the-art sound system, an “inside the bus” lightshow, plenty of room for dancing, and uh…oh yeah the chance to take advantage of the relationships we’ve built with Boston’s best bars and nightclubs.

Long lines and covers?

Fuggedaboutit. Not when you’re on the bus.

The Boatonian - Boston's SEA Party - Every Thursday